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343 Heafny Street, 

. ge l- «,- . pi . 

In presenting this, our first Catalogue, it is with the belief that those who 
favor us with their orders will be so pleased with our prompt, liberal way of doing 
business that a continuation of their favors will be assured. 

OUR STOCK is true to name and entirely free from insect pests. All the 
varieties offered have been grown and selected with a special view to their 
adaptation to the soil and climate of California. 

BULBS. -These have been selected with the greatest care. Our Holland 
Bulbs have been imported directly by us from the most reliable growers. They 
are this year unusually large and fine. 

FLOWER SEEDS ! — We have now in stock the choicest collection of 
flower seeds ever offered on the Pacific Coast. Some of them have been 
grown in our own bright clime, while others have been imported from reliable 
rjch and German growers. 

PLANTS. — These have been grown at our extensive Blanding Avenue 
nurseries in Alameda, where constant watchfulness is exercised to prevent the 
propagation of weak or imperfect stock. 

MISTAKES. — It is our constant aim to fill orders correctly in every 
instance, but should mistakes occur, it is only necessary to give prompt notice of 
the fact and circumstances, and correction will be made without delay. 

PACKING. — Our packing is 'done by those experienced in the art, and it is 
rare indeed that there is a complaint of even the most delicate plant suffering by 

SHIPPING. — For obvious reasons, plants especially should be ordered sent 
by express, wherever at all practicable. 

MAILING. — Since the recent reduction of postage on plants, seeds and 
bulbs to 8 cts. a pound, this branch of our business has largely increased. It is 
often a great convenience to persons distant from express offices, or to those only 
needing a few seeds or plants to be able to secure them safely in this way. 

THE NAME and ADDRESS. — In ordering be extremely careful to write 
your full name and address very plainly. Attention to this clause will obviate 
much confusion and delay. 

MONEY SHOULD BE SENT either in the form of a Money Order, Bank 
Draft, Express Order or Registered Letter. 


CR^BOflE & mOfiTI, 

SHfl Ff{HrJCISCO, CSIl. 343 K E flRf lv STREET. 



5 « { 


I lollar)d [oulbs. 

Then is perhaps do country in the world where Holland Bulbs give re satisfactory results than 

in California, Our peculiar soil and climatic conditions secure the greatest sise, brilliance and abund- 
ance ol The rapidly increasing demand for this class of bulbs has induced us to secure a much 
illection than has ever before been offered on this * toast. 

We ofler only first bize, well ripened bulbs, as these are much more satisfactory both to us and to 
purchasers than those of uncertain siae and maturity, though the latter may he sold a few cents cheaper. 

To obtain the best results, Holland Bulbs should be ordered and planted as early in the season aa 



These old favorites have been much improved of late years. Their symetrical spikes of exquisitely 
fragrant blossoms with clear, rich colors are ever welcome heralds of the joyous spring time. 

Plant as early as possible in the Fall in borders or groups. If planted in pots, they should be 
stored away in the dark until plenty of roots have been made, then gradually brought into the light and 
air. They may also he flowered in glasses. Place the bulb so that its base just touches the water, and 
set it away in the dark. As the bottle fills with roots gradually remove it into the light. The water 
should be changed every few days without removing the bulb from the glass. 

p . f Named varieties, single and double, assorted. Purchaser's selection, per doz $2.00 

I Named varieties, single and double assorted. Our selection, per doz 1.50 

Large number of any one color, special price. Large collections, prices on application. 




Actenr, red. 
Bonquet Royal, rose. 
Bouqnet Tendre, red. 
Czar Nicholas, rose. 
Grootvorst, rose. 
Lord Wellington, rose. 
Noble par Merite, red. 
Princess Royale, red. 
Regina Victoria, red. 


Blocksberg, light. 
Bride of Lammermoor, dark. 
Crown Prince of Sweden, dark. 
Garrick, bright blue. 
General Antinck, deep. 
Mignon V. Drijthout, light. 
Prince of Saxeweimar. 
Bembrandt, light. 
Rudolphus, light. 
Tubal Cain, dark. 


Anna Maria, purple center. 
Duchess of Bedford, pure. 
Jennie Lind, very early. 
La Deese, pure. 
La Tour d'Anvergne, pure. 
La Tirginite, rosy. 
Miss Kitty, violet center. 
Nanette, pure. 


Argus, white eye. 
Baron Van Thuyl, dark. 
Bine Monrant, dark. 
Blondin, purplish. 
Charles Dickens, deep. 
Grand Lilas, light. 
Leonidas, clear. 
Mary, dark. 
Orondatns,. light. 
Regains, light. 
Uncle Tom, dark. 

Alida Jacoba, bright. 
Herrman, orange. 
La Pluie d'Or. 
Overwinaar, pale. 


Louis d'Or, pale yellow, salmon center. 
Opliir d'Or, reddish center. 
William III, pink center, extra. 


Amy, red. 

Honierns, very early. 

Gigantea, blush. 

L'Amie du Ccenr, bright. 

Madame Uodson, pink. 

Maria Theresia, rose. 

Norma, rose. 

Robert Steiger, crimson. 

Sultan's Favorite, rose. 

Veronica, red. 

Queen of Hyacinths, crimson. 

Queen V. Alexandria, red. 


Alba Superbissima, pure, extra. 
Blanchard, pure. 
Elfride, rosy. 
Grandeur a Merville. 
Grand Vedette, pure. 
La Candeur, pure. 
Mine. Tallyrand, pure. 
Mme. Van der Hoop. 
Paix De 1' Europe, pure. 
Queen of Holland, pure. 
Semiramis, rosy. 
Voltaire, creamy white. 


Doable Bine. 

•• Light Blue. 

Red and Bosc. 
•■ Rose. 
•• White. 
•• Pare White. 
•• fellow. 


Single Bine, all colon. 
'• Light Bine. 
" Bed ami Eose. 
•• Rose. 

" While. 

•' Pore White. 
" Yellow. 

Double and Single, all colors. 


si graceful of the Hyacinths. Each bulb produces from two to four spikes of deli- 
r:tt«- white, rose or blue flowers of exquisite fragrance. 
Price, per doz $0 75 



This from time immemorial has been "the poet's flower." Though of diversified forms they are 
all graceful in outline and very fragrant. Their golden and silvery white flowers produce a marked con- 
trast with the abundant dark green foliage. Only the simplest culture is required, and the bulbs 
multiply very rapidly. 

Assorted varieties T5e. per doz. 

Special prices on large quantities. 


Grand Monarqiie, white. 
Staten General, white. 
Newton, yellow, true. 
Grand Soleil d'Or, yellow. 
Glorinsus, white, citron cup. 
Yellow Mixed, 
White Mixed, 


Alba Plena Odorata, pure white, fragrant. 

Incomparable, yellow. 

Orange, Phoenix, fine. 

Psendo Flore Pleuo, fine. 

Early Roman, 

Silver Phoenix, 

Von Sion, yellow, Daffodil, extra fine for forcing. 


TotiiS Aibus, (paper white), for early use, one of Poeticus Ornatus, like Poeticus, but blooms four 

the best. weeks earlier. 

Poeticus, (pheasant's eye), true, glossy white, with Psendo, yellow Trumpet. 

reddish yellow center, fragrant. Trumpet Major, (spurious), yellow. 

Bulboi'Odiuin, bright yellow, forces. " Minor, 

" Maximus, early, yellow. 

Oriental Narcissus, (Chinese Lily), fragrant, white and yellow. This is the bulb commonly forced 
in water by the Chinese. 





These are the most brilliant of Spring flowers- 
and when planted in large beds or borders produce 
a striking effect. The varieties enumerated have 
been selected with great care, and many of them 
are surprisingly beautiful. These bulbs are un- 
usually fine. 

Named varieties, per doz $0 75 

Assorted colors, per doz 50' 

For large quantities special prices. 


Artus, scarlet. 

Belle Alliance, scarlet. 

Bizard Verdikt, red and yellow. 

Brutus Rectified, scarlet and gold. 

Canary Bird, yellow. 

Chrysolora, yellow. 

Cottage Maid, extra. 

Conlenr Ponceau, rosy. 

Crimson King, fine. 

Duchess of Parma, brown and yellow. 

Pottebaker, white, fine. 

" red and yellow. 

" scarlet. 

" yellow. 

President Lincoln, (Queen of Violets). 
Proserpine, rich carmine rose. 
Purple Crown, dark purple. 
Due Van Thol, gold striped. 

" " rose. 

" " scarlet. 

" " red and yellow. 

" " crimson. 

" " Vermillion. 

" " white, true. 

" " yellow. 

Due De Berlin, red and yellow, forces early. 

Due d'Orauge, orange and yellow. 

Keiser Kroon, red and gold. 

King: of the Yellows, brilliant golden yellow. 

Lac Von Rhijn, violet and white. 

L'lmmacciilee, white. 

Pax Alba, while, fine. 

Queen Victoria, ( La Reine), white. 

Rembrandt, scarlet. 

Rosa Mundi, dark rose and white. 

Rose Gris De Lin, fine rose. 

Rose Luisante, splendid large rose. 

Silver Standard. 

Snowball, white. 

Thomas Moore, orange. 

Van der Neer, clear violet. 

Van Vondel, red and white. 

Vermillion Brilliant, carmine. 

Yellow Prince. 

Mixed Bedding. 

Extra Mixed, partly from named varieties- 



Vilm. Baagsbergen, red and yellow. 
Blase Borde Poarpre, purple and white. 
< roWB «r l!ii«cs. bright, early. 
Dm Van Thcil. red and yellow. 
" •■ violet red. 

I»ukc of York, red and white. 
Gloria Solis, brown and yellow. 
baperator Robrornm, scarlet 
La Candour, best double white. 

Lad] Standi Bcarlet. 

I. a Citadel le. 

I.o Blason, white. 

Muiillo. light rose, early. 

Purper Kroou, purple. 

I'a'imy (Jold. 

Rex Riihrnrum, scarlet. 

Rosine, white and ruse. 

Rubra Maxima, splendid deep red. 

Salvator Rosa, white and deep 

for forcing. 
Tonrnesol, red and yellow, No. 1. 

" yellow. 

Yellow Rose, golden yellow, late. 


Ilizzares, mixed. 
Ityblooins, mixed. 


Lutea, Perfecta, Markgraff, and Ad. Constant. 



All Colors, mixed. 

Single, white mixed. 
" scarlet mixed. 
" vellow mixed. 


Single, rose mixed. 

" mixed. 
Due Tan Thol, all varieties (see " Double Tulips.") 



These bright, pretty little flowers peep from the ground sooner than almost any other, and lend a 
gaity to the flower garden while most other bulbs are only making leaves. They are very handsome 
en vuissc and grow readily in pots. 

Prices / ^ st ' s ' ze P eI d° zen '50 cents. 

rlc \ 2nd. size per dozen 35 cents. 


Striped and variegated, mixed. 


Large Yellow. 

Cloth of (Jold. 
Cloth of Silver. 
Separate Colors. 
Mixed, all colors. 

Named Sorts; Albion, striped; Non Plus Ultra, blue; Mont Blanc, pure white; Vulcan, blue; Miss 
Minna, striped; per 



Greatly appreciated in California for their profusion of blue, scarlet, rose, white and lavender 
flowers, which are produced in the most graceful and artistic way imaginable. 

Single mixed, a dozen 35c 

Double mixed, " " 50c 





tinted (lowers, each 

These stately beauties have not yet received 
in California the attention they merit. In no 
country — not even in France — do they produce 
so luxuriantly their superb blossoms. They are 
of easy culture generally, but a few points 
should be observed. Never plant them in soil 
which contains fresh manure; and to prevent 
decay, put them where the soil is moist in the 
Fall or early Spring. 

Auratnm (Golden Banded Japan Lily) — This 
is beyond doubt one of the grandest members of 
the Lily family. Each flower is composed of 
six petals pure white, thickly studded with 
brilliant crimson spots. Through the center of 
each petal runs a clear golden band, delight- 
fully fragrant. When fully expanded, the 
flowers sometimes measure nearly a foot across, 

each 25 cents $2.50 per doz. 

A. Macrantlmni, each $1 50 

A. Vitattum Rnlbrnm — A magnificent new 
variety, clear, waxy white, with a burnished 
crimson s ripe through the center of each 
petal ; beautifully spotted with crimson ; very 

large and sweet, each $1 25 

A. Virgiiiale Alba — Immense white flowers, 
with pale yellow stripe through each petal; 

exquisitely perfumed, each $1 25 

A. Wittei — Splendid flowers 7 to 9 inches 
across; pure white with raised spots of satiny 
white; broad yellow stripe through the cen- 
ter of each petal, each $1 50 

Batemaimise — A Japanese lily, growing three 

or 4 feet high and producing bright, apricot- 

81 00 

Harrisii (True Bermuda Easter Lily) — A magnificent variety of the easiest culture; flowers pure 
white, four to six inches lomr, produced in the greatest profusion and delightfully fra- 
grant, each 25 to 35c 

Leiclit Linii — A beautiful species of elegant habit; flowers pure canary yellow with crimson 

spots, each 75 c 

Long'ifiornni- Large, snow-white, trumpet-shaped flowers, delightfully fragrant, each 25c 

Kraineri — Very distinct ; large flowers of a soft, heautiful rose color, each 25c 

Eleg'ans Alice Wilson — A beautiful new r Japanese variety ; large, upright flowers, six inches across; 

clear, lemon yellow, each $1 25 

Eleg'ans Seini-flora plena — An elegant Japanese variety, moderately double, large, bright yellow 

spotted with maroon ; back of petals, orange red, each SI 50 

Eleg'ans (Best red), each 25c 

Eleg'ans Incomparable— A splendid new sort ; large, rich, blood-red flowers spotted and splashed with 

lemon yellow, each $1 50 

Tigrinmii Flore Plena (Double Tiger Lily)— A plant of stately growth, 4 to 6 feet high, with long, 
dark green foliage. Large, double, bright, orange-red flowers spotted with black, produced in the 
greatest profusion, each 25c 

carbose a uomra tllvstbatbd catalogue. 

-Immense flowers, orange-salmon spotted black; grows 

. 1 25 



l y 

Tigriiinm Splrndens— (Improved Tiger Lily 

3 to 5 feet high, each 

HailSOIll— Flowers in clusters, petals thick and waxy; the outside streaked with white and yellow, the 

in-ide bright yellow spotted with purple ; a valuable variety 
Speciostim (Lancifolium). 

S. Album — Pure white ; splendid and satisfactory lily, each 

S. Rubriliu — Deep rose, spotted with blackish red, each 

of fl)a Valley. 

Delicate, sweet-scented little flowers that not only easily 
win our love, but keep it forever. The tiny, white bell- 
shaped blossoms are gracefully suspended from a delicate 


Large clumps, each °0c 

Strong pips, a dozen 35c 

e/ln^ecFyllis . 

This is a most interesting class of bulbs, desirable forgrow- 
ing either in the flower garden or in pots, producing an 
abundance of stately, handsome flowers. They are of the 
e;i^icst culture, requiring an abundance of moisture when 
growing, but for the greater portion of the year needing 
neither care nor culture. 

A. Jolmsonii— Flower stalk 2 feet high, clusters of crimson 
Mnssoins 5 inchesin diameter; eacli petal striped with 

white ; each 25c 

A. Formossisima— Free blooming, bright scarlet (lowers ; 

can be flowered in water like hyacinths, each 25c 

A. Belladonna— Silverv white, flushed and tipped with 
rose. This is one of the most delicately colored and 
satisfactory of our Amaryllis, and its general planting 
is strongly advised. It is almost literally true that "it will bloom under any and all circum- 
stances ;" each 15, 25 or 50c 


yferjepeu vfjollecfior) ot ]©ulJas. 

Babianas, mixed sorts, per doz $1 50 

Bulbocodinm, Vernum, per doz $1 00 

Caladium, (Fancy), each 50c, to $1 00 

Caladium Esculentuui, each 15, 25 and 50c 

(.'alia Lily, each 15 and 25c 

Chionodoxa Lucillae, (The Glory of the Snow,) per doz $1 00 

Colcliicnm Autumiiale, per doz $1 00 

Crown Imperials, mixed, each 15 and 25c 

Cyclamen Persiciim, (Large flowing varieties), each 25 and 35c 

(_ rinii in Capensis, each 50c. and $1 00 

Canna Roots, fine sorts, each 15 and 25c 

Dielytra Spectabilis, (Bleeding Heart), each 15 and 25c 

Eranthis Hyemalis, per doz 50c 

Erytlironimn, (Dog Tooth Violet), each 10 and 15c 

Freesia Eefracta Alba, Pure white fragrant, per doz. $1 00 

Freesia Leichtliui Major, per doz §1 00 and $1 25 

Fritillaria Meleagris, each 15c; per doz. $1 50 

Gloxinia Hybrida, strong bulbs, each 25 and 50c 

Hyacinthns Candicans, each 10c; per doz. SI 00 

Iris English, Fine Varieties, each 10c; per doz. $1 00 

I. Spanish, Fine Varieties, each 10c; per doz. $1 00 

I. Eaempferi Double, each 25c 

I. " " white, each 25c 

Ixia, Fine varieties Mixed, per doz 50c 

Jonquils, Single per doz 75c 

" Double, each 10c per doz. $1 00 

" Carapernellis, per doz 75c 

Lencojuni Vernum, (Spring Snow Flake), each 10c; per doz $1 00 

Madeira Vine Roots, each 10c 

Oxalis Alba, white 10c 

" Bowei, crimson 10c 

" Carnna Lutea, yellow _ 10c 

" Hirta Rosea, rose 10c 

" Versicolor, assorted colors 10c 

Paeouies, Strong roots, fine varieties, each 25c 

Ranunculus, Persian, double mixed, per doz 50c 

" Double French Mixed, per doz '. 50c 

Resurrection Plants, each 25c 

Scilla Siberica, each 25c 

Snow Drops, Double, per doz 50c 

" " Single, per doz 35c 

Sparaxis, Mixed Varieties, per doz 50c 

Tigridia OJrandiflora Alba, pure, pearly white, each 10c 

" Conchiflora, yellow and orange, per doz 50c 

" Pavonia, red spotted and yellow, per doz 75c 

Tritelia Uniflora, pretty white and blue flowers, per doz 50c 

Tulip Forentine, yellow fragrant, per doz $1 00 

" Gesncriaua, scarlet and blue, per doz 75c 

Special prices for larger quantities than those above named. 

vx.vrrN ii.i.i <Ti;nn> r.\T.\i.onrK. 




"Plant Roses" is the English gardener's motto, but is none the less applicable to California, which, 
has now come to be regarded as the Rose State of the Union. Even the sensuous old Romans, in all 
their luxury, never dre.iiued of such a profusion of fragrant blossoms as now surrounds and embowers 
the average California home. 

Our stock is free free from insects and disease, and the varieties offered have been selected and de- 
scribed from personal knowledge, and are first class in every particular. 

Plant in the Fall or from February to May. Cut the bush back to sound eyes turning outward. 
Remove all weakly wood. Spread the roots out in planting, and if any are broken, trim the ends smooth, 
Firm the earth around the plant well, and water copiously, being careful to surface with dry, pulverized 
earth. Give no fertilizer till the first growth has hardened, and only water when the plant shows signs 
of needing it. 

Most of the new roses we offer have been thoroughly tested in California, and are certainly welcome ad- 
ditions to our gardens. A few others have been selected because they give excellent promise of becom- 
, ing valuable for culture here. 

Prices.— 1st size, $1.-50; 2nd size, $1.00; 3rd size, 50c; 4th size, 2oc. 
Puritan (Hybrid Tea) — A very beautiful rose, buds large and numerous, delightfully fragrant, pure 

white, heavy waxy petals. 
Luciole (Tea)— Carmine, saffron and yellow, bud large, finely colored, free bloomer. 
Princess Beatrice (Tea) — A rapid grower and free bloomer, flowers fine in form and color. 
Meteor (Hybrid Tea) — Light crimson, incessant bloomer, handsome flower, excellent habits. 
Madam Sclnvaller (Hybrid Tea) — A valuable acquisition, fine round flower, rosy flesh in color, lighten- 
ed at the center, flushed upon the margins of the petals, free bloomer. 
Princess de Hohenzollern (Hybrid Tea) — A beautiful free blooming rose, deep red color, very fragrant. 
Comtesse de Wautier (Tea) — Exterior of petals rosy-yellow, interior rosy white, centered with dark 

rose, slender buds. 
Elizabeth de Grammont (Tea) — Color, bright rose, with coppery yellow upon the lower curve of the 

petals, large, good when open. 
Chateau des Berg'eries (Tea) — Light canary yellow, much darker at the center of the flower, well 

formed, tine. 
Cointesse de Frigneuse (Tea) — Buds large and enduring, free bloomer, rich, deep yellow; not so 

double as Perle des Gardins, and is radically different in form. 
Marquis de Viviens (Tea) — Free grower and bloomer; large bud and flower, petals edged with bright 

carmine, graduating into light rose, shaded with yellow. A bright and showy rose. 
Papa Gontier (Tea) — Splendid grower and bloomer; color, crimson-rose with a lighting of yellow, 

rich and odd ; abrupt termination of the long buds gives them a quaint appearance. 
Viscountess Falkstone (Tea) — A novelty. The flower is a careless combination of large, bose, shell- 
shaped petals, and is exceedingly striking, of great size when expanded ; creamy-white with a rosy 

salmon shading; free bloomer. 
The Bride (Tea) — Pure ivory white. Save in color it is identical with Catherine Mermet; the buds 

which are of grand size, are carried high and erect on bright, smooth stems ; a good grower and 

most excellent rose. 
American Beauty (Hybrid Tea) — A free and constant bloomer ; the buds and flowers are extra large, 

double and exceedingly sweet ; the color is deep brilliant pink, shaded with rich carmine. 
W- P. Bennett (Tea) — Most excellent for forcing — not so good out of doors ; deliciously fragrant, color 

brilliant crimson ; free bloomer. 
Compte de Paris (Hybrid Perpetual) — Bright crimson-red, shaded and illuminated with a purplish 

tint; large, brilliant and vigorous. 
Madame Thibaut Aine (Hybrid Perpetual) — Brilliant cherry-rose; petals frequently bordered with 

white; large, finely-formed flower ; vigorous. 
Mrs. John Lang* (Hybrid Perpetual) — Beautiful silvery pink, delicately marked and shaded ; flowers 

superbly formed and delightfully perfumed; robust grower and free bloomer. 
Souvenir de Victor Hugo (Hybrid Perpetual) — Flowers large, of good texture, and full, very bright; 

satiny rose ; erect, vigorous grower. 




(s'erie.petl feioJle-ctioi 

Prices — 1st. size, 75c each; 2nd. size, 50c; 3rd. size, 25e. 1st. size per doz. $7.50; 2nd. size per doz. 
$5; 3rd. size per doz. $2.50. All these are strong out-door bushes. 


These are so generally planted that no special description is necessary. To secure the best results 
in Tea Roses especially, the flowers should not be allowed to remain on the bush after maturity. 
Aline Si.sley — Violet red, brightened with crimson maroon, full fine large pointed buds. 
Anna Oliver — Creamy blush, tinted with silvery rose; fragrant large and full. 
Archduke Charles — Bright crimson, center shaded with light violet crimson; large and double; stout, 

vigorous grower, and constant bloomer. 
Boug:ere — Bronzy-rose delicately shaded with lilac; large, double and sweet. 
Charles Rovolli — Carmine changing to silvery rose; center and base of petals clear golden yellow, large, 

globular and full. 
Coquette de Lyon — Clear translucent yellow, medium sized, double; remarkably free bloomer. 
Catherine Mermet — Bright flesh color, shaded and veined with pinkish amber, silvery lustre; beautiful 

Devoniensis (Magnolia Rose) — Creamy white, tinted with rosy blush, large, exquisite buds; fragrant. 
Bueh de Brabant— Soft rosy flesh, changing to deep silvery rose, full and sweet; good both in bud and 

expanded flower. 
Etoile de Lyon — Bright chrome yellow, deepening to a pure golden yellow; large, double and fragrant. 
Isabella Snrunt — Sulphur yellow; semi-double and a free bloomer. 
Jean Fernet — Canary yellow, large, full and sweet. 
Letty Coles — Soft rosy pink; beautiful buds. 

Marie Guillot — Pure snowy white, faintly tinted with pale lemon, large, double, free bloomer; first class. 
Marie Tan Houtte — White tinted with lemon yellow, delicately shaded and veined with rosy amber; 

large and full. 
Marchal Robert — Creamy white faintly tinted and shaded with soft rosy blush, and pale sulphur yellow; 

long pointed buds. 
Mad. Welche — Amber yellow, center, orange yellow; large and sweet. 
Mad. Joseph Schwartz — Pure pearly white; large; a constant and profuse bloomer. 
Mad. Aug. Jacquir — Bright rosy carmine, shaded with coppery yellow; double and sweet. 
Mad. Laiubard — A shade of rosy bronze; large; a free bloomer. 
Mad. Cnsin — Pale rose, flushed with purplish crimson. Base of petals yellow. 
Mine. Watterville (Tulip Rose)— A beautiful rose of recent introduction. Petals creamy white, edges 

feathered with bright rose. Fragrant and good. 
Mad. Marg'otteu — Dark citron yellow, with coppery red center. Large, double and sweet. 
Marie Sisley — A shade of pale yellow. Petals broadly margined with bright rose. Sweet and rare. 
Mad. Bravy — Creamy white, flushed with delicate rose. Exquisite bud. Fragrant. 
Mad. de Vatrey — Crimson, brightened with salmon. Full and sweet. 
Niphetos — Pure white, very large. Long, pointed buds. Moderate grower. 

Perle des Jardins— Straw color, sometimes deep canary. Large. Beautiful in bud. Popular rose. 
Rubens — White, shaded with rose. Beautiful buds. Sweet. 

Safrano — Saffron and apricot, tinted with orange and fawn. Semi-double. Free bloomer. 
Sunset — Rich, tawny saffron and orange. In every respect, save color, is like its parent, Perle des 

Souvenir de Therese Levet — Bright, glowing scarlet, changing to rich, velvety crimson. Sweet 

and fine. 
Souv. de Mad. Peruet— Soft rose, shaded with clear yellow. Large and sweet. 

Sombreuil — Creamy white, delicately tinted with silvery rose. Very large. Opens flat. Free bloomer. 
Talle de Chamouuix — Coppery yellow, shaded with rosy blush. A rarely beautiful bud. Weak 

i/ii.n r/'.s n I 



These are among the most valuable of Koses, and, almost without exception, are strong, healthy 

growers. Generally they do not produce their large, showy blossoms so freely as the tea roses, but they 

give a grand display in the Spring, blooming at short intervals throughout the season. They require 

rich soil, and bloom from the old wood. 

Anna de Diesfoach — A clear slunk' of carmine. Large, pointed buds. Fragrant. Compact form. 

Abel Carricrc — Velvety crimson, with a fiery red center. Full and sweet. 

Antoine MoutOIi — Bright, clear pink. Very large, and a free bloomer. 

Alfred Coloilll) — Brilliant carmine crimson. Large and globular. Extremely fragrant. Free flowering- 

Black Prince — Dark, velvety crimson, almost black. Cup formed. Fragrant. 

Baroness Rothschild — Clear, satiny pink. Large, cup formed. Popular rose. 

Barone Prevost — Pure rose. Large, semi- cupped. Fragrant. Free bloomer. 

Countess of Oxford — Bright, rosy carmine. Fine buds. Free bloomer. 

Coquette de Alps — Pure, translucent white, delicately shaded with carmine. Medium size. A profuse- 

Charles Lefebvre — Velvety, reddish crimson. Large, perfect form. A good rose. 

Dnchess of Sutherland— Shell pink. Large and sweet. A free bloomer. 

Duchess de Caylus — Rich crimson. Large, double, perfect flowers. Fragrant, and a free bloomer. 

Eliza Boelle — Pure ivory white, at times delicately tinted with pink. Medium size. A very free- 


Fisher Homes — Dark glowing crimson. Large, imbricated form. Fragrant. Beautiful buds. 

Francis Michelson — Bright carmine rose. Large, globular form. Fragrant, and a free bloomer. 

Kcul. "Washington — Bright, shining crimson. Large. Free bloomer. 

Genl. Jacqueminot — Rich, velvety crimson. Beautiful in bud. Exquisitely fragrant. Free bloomer. 

Giant dcs Battles — Deep, fiery crimson. Brilliant and rich. 

John Hopper— Shining rose, changing to bright, glowing pink. Large and fragrant. 

Jean Liabaud — Crimson maroon, brightened with scarlet. Large and fragrant. 

Louis Tan Houtte — Crimson maroon, very dark. Large. A free bloomer. 

La Heine — Glossy rose. Very large. Moderately double. Fragrant. 

Marie Bauman — Bright, carmine crimson, shaded to crimson maroon. Large and fragrant, Extra 

Mad. Marie Closon — Pale flesh, deepening in center to rosy crimson. Petals margined with white. 
Highly scented. Fine form. 

Mad. Chas. Wood — Reddish crimson, shaded to velvety crimson; very large flower; profuse and con- 
tinuous bloomer; dwarf. 

Mad. Annie Wood — Violet crimson, fine form; fragrant; constant bloomer. 

Marquis de Bocella — Creamy white and flesh color; center rosy blush, medium size; fragrant and a free 

Magna Charter — Clear rosy pink flushed with carmine; globular; fragrant. 

Mabel Morrison — Pure, snowy white, sometimes flushed with shell pink; very large; globular. 

Princess Camille de Bohan— Dark velvety crimson, sometimes almost black; moderately full; very 

PaulXeyron — Shining pink, globular form; free bloomer; the largest rose in cultivation. 

Senator Vaisse — Bright flashing crimson, lightened with scarlet; large; perfect form. 


This popular class of roses reaches its greatest perfection in California, and forms one of the most 

desirable groups of the whole family. Give them a chance and your home will be continually wreathed 

id fragrant blossoms. 

Cloth of Gold (Noisette) — Clear, bright yellow ; very large and sweet. 

Estella Pradel (Noisette) — Pure white, double and sweet ; a profuse bloomer. 

Gold of Ophir (Noisette) — Bright salmon and fawn, semi-double; habit vigorous. 

Glorie de Dijon (Tea) — Creamy white, tinted with amber, salmon and orange ; very large. 

Lamarque (Noisette) — Snowy white, medium size; profuse bloomer, vigorous grower. 

Marechal Neil (Noisette) —Deep, golden yellow, unusually large and beautiful buds; exquisite fra- 

Keve d'Or (Tea) — Pale orange and buff yellow ; buds large and beautiful. 

Heine M. Henriette (H. Tea) —Pure, bright cherry red, large, fine bud ; free grower. 

Washington (Noisette) — White, small, double flower; blooms profusely in immense terminal clusters. 

Baltimore Belle (Prairie Pose) — Pale blush, variegated with carmine rose and white ; medium size, a 
vigorous grower. 

Banks hi — Pure white, small double flowers, delicately fragrant. 
" — Clear yellow, small double flowers. 


Hybrid Tea Roses are destined to great popularity. They are produced by crossing Teas with the 
Hybrid Perpetuals, and combine the free flowering qualities and delicate shades of one with the vigor 
and brilliance of the other. 

Beauty of Stapleford— Reddish pink tinted with violet ; beautiful large buds ; fades quickly. 
Capt. Christy — Delicate pale peach, deepening to a rosy crimson ; very large and double. 
La France — Delicate silvery rose, changing to silvery peach blossom; very large and full, globular 
form; delightfully fragrant, free bloomer. 


Herifl GhdU*t--Dark reddish crimson, large and double, beautiful both in bud and expanded Bower, 

fragrant, profuse bloomer. 
Triumph tPAngon Bright red, changing to velvety crimson; large, fragrant and good. 


The Bengals are among the most continuous bloomers that we have. They are strong, healthy grow- 
ers, very useful en mass* or for he 

AglipplnA— Rich velvety crimson, moderately double, very free bloomer, and a thrifty grower. 
Duchess of Edinbnrg 1 >. ep crimson, large and lovely buds; moderate grower. 
La Fhii'iiix — Bright red shaded with crimson; profuse bloomer. 
Qimmmi'n Scarlet— Velvety Bcarlet, bright and striking; moderate grower and a profuse bloomer. 


The Bourbon Roses are constant bloomers, and like the Bengals are very valuable en masse or (for 
hedges; healthy gr<i 

Appnlline — Rosy pink: large cup flowers; profuse bloomer. 
HiTinosa — Bright r ous and constant bloomer. 

(^iieen of Bedders — Rich, bright crimson; very large; short upright grower; always in bloom. 
Millmuisnii — Delicate creamy flesh tinted with fawn and pink; very large, fine in bud and open flower; at 
limes Liable to mildew. 


This is an interesting group from Japan, of comparatively recent introduction. They are exceed- 
ingly beautiful, deliciously sweet, and among the most constant and profuse bloomers we have. The 
plant Is of low, compact growth. We recommend them to all lovers of rare and beautiful Roses, and 
believe they will please all who plant them. 

Anno Marie do Montravel — Snowy white; perfect miniature flowers; profuse. Large clusters. 
Mad. Ceeile Br miner— Salmon pink with a deep salmon center; exquisitely formed buds, delicately 

Mignonetti — Clear shell pink shading to white and pale rose; miniature fragrant flowers borne in clus- 
Perle d 'Or — Color, coppery gold shading to fawn and salmon; beautiful in bud; elegantly perfumed. 


M<>ss Roses stand alone Ln picturesque beauty different and distinct from all others. Their opening 
buds, half covered with delicate clinging moss of fairy-like texture, command our especial admiration, 
and well deserve the loving tributes paid them in poetry and song; strong, vigorous growers. 
Countess of Muriuais— Pure white buds, large and elegantly mossed. 
Glory Of Mosses — Pale rose, purplish shading; mossy and fragrant. 
James Yeitch— The only real perpetual moss rose; bright rosy crimson, profuse bloomer. 

v^ tjpy sSr)ir)erx)uir)5 

So many beautiful and unique varieties of this charming flower have lately been introduced that 
descriptions have utterly failed to adequately set forth their varied and often fantastic forms. Our col- 
lection embraces all of the latest importations, many of which, though lacking names, are superb in color 
and outline. The names are given of a few standard sorts which have been selected from the Japanese, 
Chinese, Anemone and quill flowered varieties. 


A. K. P. Harmon. — This elegant new California variety has been named in honor of Mr. Harmon, the 
well known Oakland amateur. It has a large flower with clear, rosy pink, twisted, or curled 
petals, beautifully dotted with white. Flowers are carried well up on stout stems. One of the best 
of its color ever introduced. First size $1.00 each. Small plants in the spring, 50 cents each. 




We are now propagating 100 splendid new varieties which have just been received from Japan, and 
which will be ready February 1st, '89. 

Prices. — In 3-inch pots, $3.00 per dozen, or specimens from the entire collection, 100 varieties, for 
$15.00 This is an exceptional opportunity to secure something really fine. 


Of these we offer 50 choice unnamed sorts, all of them having points of special merit; large bloom- 
ing plants, $1.00 ; small plants in 3-inch pots for spring planting, 25 cents each, $2.00 per dozen, $6.00 
per 100. 



Lug« blooming plants, 91.00 oach. Small plants in 8-inch pota for spring planting 26 cents each ; 
• kOOper 100. 
Bouquet Flit— Roe? lilac; shaded silvery white, 
Barlj Krd Dragon— Dark yellow, streaked with bronze and crimson. 
Glortosnm- Bright sulphur yellow; profuse bloomer. 
Mrs. Brett — Twisted golden petals; unique. 
Mad. Gnune— Pare white, beautifully incurved. 
Mr*. S. l.vou — Large; creamy white, golden center. 
Porcupine — Needle-like petals; rich tan color. 
Sonee d*Or — Intense yellow, shaded old gold. 
Alba Moiitrosa— Pure white; full and double. 
Belle Paulo— Soft white; end of petals tipped with light rose. 
Elaine — Clear pearly white; one of the best. 
<h'o, W. Chillis — Delicate blush; shaded silvery pink. 
J, S. Collins— Bronze orange; shaded Indian red. 
Mr. II. Watoror — Deep yellow, base of petals rich apricot. 
Mrs. Hoff Beach — Pure Lemon color; very attractive. 
Pietro Diaz — Brilliant crimson, large and double; superb. 
Timhalo d' Argent — Anemone flowered pure white; lemon centre. 
Tuhiflora — Needle-like flowers; delicate pink, shading to white. 
White Vesiivia — Large snowy white; full and double; incurved. 
Golden Dragon — Deep yellow, broad ribbon like petals. 
Duchess — Rich crimson; shaded copper. 
La Xeige — Pure white, profuse bloomer. 
Mrs Geo. Rundell — Snowy white; beautifully incurved. 
Ben d'Or — Pure golden yellow; incurving to form ribbon-like balls. 
Cullingfordii — Dark mahogany crimson, extra fine. 
Comte de Germiny — Old gold and Indian red; extra. 
Christmas Eve — Pure snowy white; very late bloomer. 
Fantasie — Shell pink, shading to creamy white. 
James Salter — Clear golden yellow; beautifully incurved. 
Jennie V. Murkland — Bright apricot yellow; very fine. 
Lady Slatle — Beautiful shade of lilac pink; splendidly incurved. 



Those who have never grown a collection of Pelargoniums in California have no idea of their great 

beauty. They furnish at nearly all seasons of the year a profusion of flowers whose unique colorings 

baffle all description. 

Prices. 40 cents each, except where noted ; entire collection of 25 splendid sorts, $10.00. 

Beauty of Oxton — The upper petals are of a very rich maroon, darkly blotched; under petals very 
dark crimson, shaded with maroon, light center; all the petals margined with white, and beauti- 
fully fringed ; flowers large and full. 

Black Prince — Deep blotch covering greater part of petals, shading of reddish color, lights* margin ; 
very dwarf and free. 50 cents. 

Captain B.akes — The trusses are numerous and large, whilst the individual flowers are large and full ; 
upper petals deep fiery crimson. 50 cents. 

Docteur Andre — Blush pink ground, the margins of petals elegantly fringed, quite unique. 


Dr. Masters —Large black blotches in the center, margin rich crimson, lower petals small blotch, broad- 
er margin than upper. 50 cents. 
Dutchess of Bedford — Flowers pure white, light pink spot on top petals. 
Fred Doraer — Throat and edge of petals pure white, each petal shaded towards the center with a rich 

carmine pink, with a glowing crimson blotch on each petal. 50 cents. 
Glorie de Paris — Scarlet; early bloomer. 
ImprOTed Triumph de 5 St. Mande — Fine reddish maroon, very intense colored blotch in upper 

petals ; very attractive. 50 cents. 
Jewess — Rosy suffused carmine ; lilac edge. 

Lord Derby — Shaded rosy magenta, white margin and throat ; distinct. 
Mabel — Dark maroon top, narrow edge, a heavily painted flower, fine free habit and bloomer. 
Mme. Boucharlat — Blush, small maroon blotch on upper petals; semi-double; very free blooming; 50 cts. 
Madame Vibert — Fine, black maroon blotches, bordered fiery red, the flower entirely edged with rose ; 

vigorous grower; fine habit and free bloomer. 
Milton — Large pure white flower, upper petals blotched maroon. 

M..Pll. Zeller — Deep red, blotched on each petal with maroon ; extremely attractive. 
Mrs. John Saul — Habit compact and very free flowering, producing large trusses of charming flowers; 

the color is rich glowing vermillion, with a light center and light margin of the petals. 
Prince of Wales — Bright vermillion, with light center and edges ; very free blooming. 50 cents. 
Queen Tictoria — The flowers have peculiarly crispy petals; they are not really double, but from their 

full forms and extra number of petals they have that appearance. The color is ricli vermillion ; 

all the petals broadly margined with pure white, and the upper ones blotched with maroon. 50 cts. 
Striata Elegans — Flowers large, magenta rose, being flecked or barred with elegant bluish mauve. 


These fine varieties of Pelargoniums are all Seedlings of Fred. Dorner, crossed with the r pollen of 
Dr. Andre ; they are of vigorous habit; combining the free flowering quality of Fred Dorner, with the 
large flowers of Dr. Andre. 
California — Peach color, suffused purplish lilac, crimson blotch, striated maroon on upper petals; very 

showy, in bloom the whole year 50c 

Eureka — Very vigorous, flowers twice the size of Dr. Andre; white, slightly shaded with pink, fine 

maroon blotch on upper petals ; very free bloomer 50c 

Flornece — Flowers of a bright crimson maroon, with white throat, and black spot on upper petals; very 

early and continuous bloomer : 50c 

Occident — Rosy lilac, suffused peach color, dark maroon blotch, flamed crimson on upper petals ; very 

large flower , 50c 

Perpetual — Purplish rose; upper petals blotched with dark maroon, flamed with rosy crimson ; very 

elegant and free flowering 50c 




Many popular flowers are attractive only in color, but the Carnations, with their lovely colors and 
sweet clove fragrance, have found a specially warm place in the heart of the American people. They 
are so universally planted and admired, that a general description is not necessary. 


JHg Bertha — A California seedling of great promise. Very large, pearly white. Fimbriated. A vig- 
orous grower and profuse bloomer. 3 in. pots §1 each. 

Mrs. Langtry — A meritorious California seedling. Very large, perfect flower. A rare shade of red- 
dish carmine. Fine grower and bloomer. 3 inch pots $1 each. 



Our collection embraces 35 of the choicest varieties in cultivation, eacli of which has individual 
merit. Large blooming plant! 50 cents each, $5 a dozen. 3 inch pots $1 per dozen, $10 per 100. Col- 

lection of 25 choice sorts in 3 inch pots, $2. 



The clematis is worthy of the widest dissemina- 
tion, and a foremost place in every collection. No 
Sower has so rapidly advanced in popular favor as the 
Clematis. Within a few years it has become the fav- 
orite climber of the world. It makes a quick, rapid 
growth, and produces its beautiful, showy flowers in 
the greatest profusion. For pillars, trellises, bedding 
in masses, or planting about rock-work the Clematis 
cannot be excelled. 

Price, 75 cents each, except where noted. 


Albert Tictor — Flowers flat, five or six inches across 

freely produced; deep lavender or pale mauve. Blos- 
soms from April to June. 

Lord Londesborough — Flowers large, deep mauve or 
bluish lilac, petals traversed with coppery tinted 

purplish red bar. Blossoms in May. 


Large flowered, Summer and Autumn bloomers, 

flowering successively on short lateral summer shoots 

the flowers dispersed. 

Beauty of Surrey — Light greyish blue. July to Oc- 

Duke of Norfolk — A very deep mauve color, with a 
broad, pale bar. June to October. 

Excelsior— Rich, deep mauve, occasionally double. 
July to October. 

Gem — Deep lavender blue. June to October. 

Gloric de St. Julien— French White, very large flowers, sometimes as much as 11 to 12 inches in di- 
ameter; plant very vigorous, first class in every way. July to October. 

Henryi— Large, finely formed, of a beautiful creamy white. July to October. 

Jeanne d'Arc— A bold, free growing, and vigorous variety, flowers 7 inches or more across; of a greyish 
or French white color. June to November; price, $1.00. 

Langninosa Candida— Tinted greyish white; fine. July to November; price, SI .00. 

Lawsouiana — Rosy purple, slightly marked with darker veins. July to October. 

Madame Thibaut— A fine, vigorous variety, rosy purple, with a pink bar. July to November; price, 

Princess of Wales— A deep bluish mauve; with a satiny surface. July to October. 

Purpurea Elegans — Deep violet purple; fine. July to October. 

Robert Hanbury — A bluish lilac, flushed at the edge with red. June to October. 

Samuel Moulson— Mauve, with a reddish tint on the base. June to October. 

William Keiuiett— Deep lavender. July to October. 



Mostly large flowered Summer and Autumn bloomers, flowering successively in profuse continuous, 
masses on Summer shoots, 

Gypsy Queen — Bright, dark velvety purple. July to October. 
Guiding 1 Star — Purplish shaded crimson. July to October. 
Jackmanni Intense violet purple, one of the very best varieties. June to November. 

" Alba — A strong growing sort; like foregoing variety, with white flowers; price, $1.50. 

Madame Grange — Crimson violet, red bar in the center. July to October. 
Rubella — Rich Claret purple. July to October. 
Rubra Tiolacea — Maroon purple. July to October. 
Victoria — Deep reddish mauve. June to October. 

Mrs, Yilliers Lister — White, tinted at the base, with pale rosy lilac. May to June. 
Standishii — Light mauve purple. May to June. 
Stella — Light violet or deep mauve, with a distinct bar in the center of each petal, of a deep reddish 

plum color. May to June. 
The Qneen — Lavender or mauve, lilac tint. The flowers are primrose scented and six inches across. 
May to June. 


Large flowered, Summer bloomers, flowering from the old or ripened wood. 
The following all bear double flowers. 

Barillet Deschamps — Flowers large, of a fine satiny mauve color. June. 

Belle of Woking — Bl uish mauve or silver grey; the innermost sepals having here and there a dash of red- 
dish lilac. 
Duchess of Edinburgh — The best of the double, pure whites, deliciously scented. June to July. 
Lucie Lemoine — White, rosette-formed, pale yellow anthers. April to July. 


Our collection of specimen Rhododendrons is without doubt the largest and finest on the Coast, and 
contains many rare varieties which are difficult to obtain. Prices upon application. 

jGtliecs • 

Of Azalias, we have a fine collection, and our plants are unusually well grown. Prices, (all colors), 
each, from 50c to §25 00 



We have a fine stock of these noble decorative plants, but this year only offer those varieties which 
from their hardiness have proved most satisfactory for general planting. 

Braliea Filameutosa — Immense thready leaves, robust grower 75c to S5 00 

Chaiu&rops Excclsa— Dwarfish fan palm si 50 to $5 00 

" Huuiilis— Low growing fan palm $2 00 to SS 00 

Corypha Australis — Handsome rapid grower, thorny stems §1 00 to $5 00 

Cycas Bevolutla (Sago Palm) — Symmetrical pinnate leaves. Should be more generally 

planted $2 00 to $20 00 

La tan ia Barbonica— Hardy in the South, grows slowly at first; very handsome $1 00 to §10 00 

Phoenix Dactylifera, (Date of Commerce) — Eapid grower, long pinnate leaves $1 00 to So 00 

Bhapis Flabeliformis — Bushy grower exceedingly graceful $2 00 to §20 00 

Dracsena Stricta, (Australis) — A palm like tree, invaluable in landscape gardening $1 00 to §3 00 


^l)e J^ OOT ) Plov^er. 


(Ipomosa Grandijlora.) 

Tliis is the true ''Moon Flower," which for several years lias been the wonder and admiration of the 
country. Sometimes on dull foggy days it will expand its large snowy flowers, but usually about sun- 
down the long pointed buds unfold with a snapping sound. The flowers have a slight jasmine fragrance, 
and at times are so abundantly produced as to almost conceal the vines. The plant is such a rapid grow- 
er that only a few months are required lo cover a wall or the entire side of a house. The effect by moon 
light is wonderfully chaste. We can fully recommend the "Moon Flower " to our customers, feeling as- 
sured that they will be greatly pleased with their purchase. 
Price, each 25 and 50c ; per doz $2.00 and $4X0 


feer)cp<2rl feolleofioi) of Ti^letxjfs 

Abutilons — Beautiful shrubs from 5 to 10 feet high, producing bell-shaped flowers, four varieties, 

each 20c 

Ageratum — Dwarf border plants*, white and blue per doz $1 00; each 10c 

Allamanda Hendersonii — Large yellow flowers, continuous bloomer , 35c 

Alyseuin, (Tom Thumb) — Border plant, per doz §1 00; each 10c 

Ampelopsis Teitchi — Rapid climber suitable for covering walls, etc., each 30c 

Asparagus Tennissimus — Beautiful feathery foliage, needs shelter, each 25 to 75c 

Agaves — American and Variegated, each 25 to 50c 

Alternailtlieras — Universally used for borders and bedding, Par Major, red; Auria Nana, yellow, per 

100, $4 00; each 10c 

A gap an thus Uinbellatns an( l Alba — Noble lily like plants, producing whorls of beautiful blue and 

white flowers, each 50c 

Begonia (Tuberous rooted) — Very fine, each 40c 

" Rubra, etc— each 25c 

Bignonia Venusta — One of the grandest of all climbers; rich orange flowers, each 75c 

Bouvardia — Shrubby plants with pink and white flowers, each 25c 

Camelia Japonica — Alba, fine white, each $1 50 to $5 00 

" " Six best colored varieties, each $1 50 to $10 00 

Clianthus Bamperi (Australian Glory Pea) — One of the most peculiarly flowered of trailing plants, 

each 50c 

Crape Myrtle — Two varieties, pink and white, each 30c 

Cobea Scaildens — A beautiful and rapid climber, each 25c 

Coleus — Twelve best varieties, per doz $2 00; each 20c 

Citl'Olialis (Lemon Verbena) — Fragrant leaves; grows to a height of 1 feet, each 15c 

Baisies (English) — Pretty white and pink and red blossomed border plants, per doz $1 00; each. . . .10c 

Beutzia — Beautiful flowering shrubs 35c 

Biosma (Breath of Heaven) Slender shrubby plant; foliage delightfully fragrant and delicate white 

flowers, each 40 to 75c 

Feverfew (Little Gem) — Profuse blossoms; small white (lowers, each 20c 

Fuchsia — Twelve choicest varieties, per doz. 52 00; each 25c 

( ' Phenomenal — Splendid new variety, each 50c 

Ferns (Adianium) — The three best varieties for general culture, each 25 to 75c 

Geranium — Double, 2-3 best varieties, per doz. $2 00; each .*. .' 20c 

46 Single, 12 best varieties, per doz. $2 00; each 20c 

' ' Ivy leafed, 6 best varieties, each 15c 

" Silver and bronze leafed, 12 best varieties, each 20c 

Gardenia Florida [Cape Jasmine) — Glossy leafed shrub, large double white fragrant flowers, each.. .40c 
Heliotrope The Queen — Flowers dark and rich in color, extra large and very fragrant; new variety, 

each 35c 

' 6 Pure white; the best of its color, each 20c 

ei Four other varieties including semi-double, each 20c 

Hibiscus Grandiflora — Single red, large, showy flowers, rapid grower; each 25 to 50c 

" Double— Bright red 30 to 50c 

" Double — Orange and red 30 to 50c 

Hydrangea Thos. Hogue — A compact grower; immense head of white flowers, each 50c 

" Variegata — Rose colored flowers, foliage variegated with white, each •. 50c 


Boaej saeklc Halleana— Vigorous grower, handsome foliage, fragrant white and yellow Bowers; best of 

the honeysuckles, each ' 20c 

•• Iti'tirulnta Aurea (Golden Leafed) — Remarkably beautiful foliage, each 25c 

l\\ Iri-h -The well known variety, each 20 to 40c 

•• Variegated — each 20 to 40c 

Jagndlie (•rundiflnruiii Chladomun) — Double white, sweet scented flowers, each 50c 

'* Ofllclalls— The popular white variety, each 25c 

Laiircstiini — An attractive flowering shrub , 35 to 50c 

Kieoaotfa l.eouuris (Lion's Tail) — Orange colored flowers in form of inverted feather brush 20c 

Lobelia —Dwarf Blue — A pretty border plant in moist, shady spots, per doz 75c 

Marguerite — White and yellow, each 10c 

Magnolia (<raniliflora — The grandest of all our native flowering trees, each $1 00 to $5 00 

Myrtis Cnniiminis — The popular fragrant leafed Myrtle, double flower, each 50c 

Mesenbrrantbemum — Suitable for borders and dry, barren spots. Rosea, Alba and Rubrum, per doz 

-1 "0; each 10e 

Oleander Double Red— Very free flowering, each 50c 

" Lillian Henderson — Flowers white, flat and semi-double, each 50c 

" Madam Charles Baltet — Fine large rosy carmine, semi-double flowers, each 50c 

i% Madoni Grandiflora — Beautiful pure white, semi-double. By many considered the finest 

pure white oleander, each 50c 

'• Single white and pink, eacli 30c 

Pansy — Plants of all the choicest sorts, per doz , . . 75c 

Passiflora (Passion Fine)— One of the most beautiful of climbers, flowering profusely the entire year. 

' ' Ccerulea— each 25c 

" Constance Elliot — The finest white Passiflora; new, sure to become popular, each 50c 

" Hybrida I'lnri buiida — each 35c 

" Ked — A highly prized variety, each 50c 

44 Violacea — One of the most popular, each 35c 

Petunia — Our collection of double Petunias is much the finest on the coast. Ten choice varieties, 

each 25c 

Phlox — Tall growing varieties; six best colors, each 20c 

Poinsettia — Double and single; one of the most brilliant of ornamental plants 35c, 50c and $1 00 

Plumbago Carpensis — An attractive shrub, lavender flowers 25c 

Pyretheum ( Golden Feather) — Extensively used for borders and bedding, per doz. 50c; each 10c 

Pampas Grass ( Gynurium Avgenteum) — The finest of ornamental grasses, each 50c 

Sinilax — An easily grown climber, used extensively for decorating, per doz $1 00; each 10c 

Salvia Splendens— The finest scarlet, per doz $1 25; each 15c 

Spirea — (Bridal wreath) — AVhite flowers in long sprays , 35c 

Stephanotis Floribunda — A lovely climber; single white tubulous bell-shaped flowers in clusters. Re- 
quires protection in the northern part of the State, each 25, 50c and $1 00 

Verbena — Mammoth flowered strain; trusses and individual flowers of unusual size and brilliance. Our 

collection includes the 12 most distinct colors, per doz 52 50; each 25c 

We also offer the 12 best older varieties, per doz $1 00; each 15c 

Veronicas — Beautiful evergreen shrub, plume-like white and purple flowers 20c 

Violet — Svtanley White— The best of all white violets, each 30c 

" Marie Louise — Highly appreciated for its large double blue flowers, per doz 50c 

' ' Russian — Handsome foliage; large single blue flowers, per doz 50c 





The seeds we offer are all perfectly fresh, and every possible precaution has been taken to have them 
exactly true to name. They have been procured from the most reliable growers, and only those varie- 
ties are offered which we are sure will prove in every way satisfactory to our patrons. Our packages 
contain many more seeds than the average packages offered at the same prices. 

It is best to plant most seeds in shallow boxes or frames where they can be protected to some extent. 
The soil should be first pulverized, finely and gently packed, b'ow the seeds thinly in rows or broadcast 
Then sift over them a little more soil, and pack quite firmly. Cover lightly with a coating of pulver- 
ized moss or cocoanut dust. Transplant into roomier quarters as soon as second leaves have been made. 

Per pkge. 

Abntilon (Chinese Bell Flower). Free blooming; 
shrubs with handsomely varied and striped, bell- 
shaped flowers. Finest mixed varieties, red f 
white, ro-,e, orange, etc 25c 

Abutilor. Fireball. A new dwarf variety, dark 
crimsc n flowers 25c 

Alyssr.*:; (sweet). Delicate white flowers, delight- 
fully flagrant. For borders and rock work 1 
foot 5c 

Alyssnm Tom Thumb. 6 in 10c 

Antirrhinum (Snap Dragon). Old garden favor- 
ites, rich, glossy leaves; flowers oddly shaped, 
with pretty spotted throats. 

Antirrhinum Jlajus. Fall varieties, separate 
colors 5c 

Antirrhinum. Many colors mixed 5c 

Antirrhinum Tom Thumb. Distinct dwarf va- 
riety. Six distinct colors, each 5c 

M ixed varieties oc 

Asters, Among the most popular plants for bed- 
ding. They combine as do no others, beauty, 
variety of habit and shape with brilliance of 
color. Give rich soil and plenty of water for 
best results. 

Asters Miniature Bouquet. 6 to S in.; sym- 
metrical little plants, with double, button-like 
flowers 10c 

Asters Double Chrysanthemum Flowered. 9 in; 
the largest flowers of any of the dwarf varieties. 
Flowers delicately and beautifully colored and 
produced in clusters. Separate colors or mixed 
varieties 15c 

Asters Dwarf Pyramidal Bouquet. A very 
pretty class of profuse bloomers, 1 ft., 15e 

Asters Tictoria. Half dwarf varieties, probably 
the handsomest of all the asters; the colors in- 
clude many delicate and some gorgeous shades. 
Flowers symmetrical, large and double. Separ- 

Per pkge. 
ate colors, white, scarlet, indigo, blue, peach- 
blossom-pink, crimson, etc 20c 

Mixed Varieties 15c 

Asters Giant Emperor. Mixed ; these are the 
largest flowered of the asters, but are not so fine 
in quality as the Victoria type 25c 

Asters Perfection (Truffant's Improved Pa^ony 
Flowered). A popular class; thrifty growers. 
Large perfect flowers, incurved petals; 18 in. to 
2 ft. Finest mixed, containing many exquisite 
sorts 15c 

Asters Gcrniau Quilled. Mixed ; large flowers 
of beautiful colors, composed of quill-shaped 
petals; 2 ft 15c 

Asters Rose Flowered. Mixed ; large, dou- 
ble flowers, outer petals beautifully recurred, 
inner ones incurved like a rose ; 2 ft 10c 

Aristolocbia Siplio. A climbing plant known as 
Dutchman's Pipe; large, luxuriant foliage and 
remarkably beautiful brownish yellow flowers. 
A most satisfactory plant for covering walls, 
trellises, etc 10c 

Amaranthus. Grown exclusively for the foliage, 
the varied colors of which produce a wonderfully 
rich effect. 

Amaranthus Tricolored, (Joseph's coat). Leaves 
red yellow and green ; 3 ft 1 0c 

Amaranthus Salicifolius (Fountain Plant). 
Graceful, drooping, willow-like leaves, tipped 
and banded with orange, carmine and bronze. .10c 

Amaranthus Caudatus (Love Lies Bleeding). 
Dark, drooping flower spikes 10c 

Aquilegia. Double mixed ; beautiful perennial 
plants known as Columbines; choice varieties.. 10c 
Single Mixed, choice varieties 10c 

Balsams. Old favorites which have been greatly 
improved of late years ; sometimes called " Lady 
Slipper" or " Touch-me-nots." 


Pm pkge. 

Doable striped and mottled varieties 15c 

If or one-colored varieties, separate 


Choicest mixed varieties 10c 

Balloon Vinr, A rapid handsome climber, with 

small white flowers and small baloon shaped seed 

Is, 10 to 15 ft 10c 

BeUIfl English Daisies). Pretty dwarf plants used 
tor edgings and bedding. 
I looble white 15c 

Bellls Longfellow. Large, double, rose colored 

flowers 15c 

Double quilled, mixed 25c > 

Double mixed 15c 

Begonia Ti bebous Rooted. Finest mixed, 

single 15c 

Tuberous rooted, finest double mixed 25c 

Begonia Rubra. The finest of all begonias. 
Long racimes of rose-scarlet, wax-like (lowers. ,15c 

BegOnla Hex. Large, vari-colored, ornamental 
leaves 25c 

Begnniiia Gramliflora (Trumpet creeper). An 
attractive rapid climbing plant, clings by ten- 
drils. Trumpet-shaped, orange-red flowers in 
clusters 10c 

Calceolaria. Plants with gorgeous, pocket -shaped 
flowers for green house or window decoration. 

Calceolaria Krandiflora. Yellow, maroon, 
crimson and mottled varieties, mixed 50c 

Calceolaria Shrubby. Popular bedding plants.uOe 

Calceolaria Ung-osa. Mixed, self colors 50c 

Calceolaria. Tigered and mottled varieties, 
mixed 75c 

Calendula Meteor. Large double yellow flowers, 
striped with orange 10c 

Calendula Prince of Orange. Somewhat simi- 
lar to Meteor, but much darker in color. . . . 10c 

Canary Bird Vine. A rapid growing climber, 
with curiously shaped canary yellow flowers. 10c 

Candytuft. Large growing varieties, mixed 
colors J 0c 

Candytuft Tom Thumb. Dwarf varieties, 
mixed colors 1 0c 

Carnations. Many beautiful and interesting 
varieties can be grown from the seeds of this 
popular flower. Choicest mixed, from named 

sorts 50c 

Fine Double Mixed 25c 

Celosia (< oik's Comb). Dwarf crimson 10c 

Celosia Giant Mixed, including several colors, 
very large 10c 

Per pkge. 
Celosia riumosa, or Feathered Cock's Comb, 

very heautiful, scarlet and yellow j!6c 

Centanrea Candldlssima (Dusty Miller). Valu- 
able for ribbon bedding. Silvery white foliage, 
an old-fashioned favorite 15c 

Cineraria Hybrida Grandiflora. This is the 

large flowering type, producing magnificent 
flowers of white, blue, violet, crimson, etc., in 
immense heads. Choicest mixed from prize 

varieties 50c 

Chrysanthemum, Double perennial varieties, 
seeds saved from one of the finest collections in 
the country. 
Chrysanthemum Chinese or Large Flowering. 

Choicest mixed 60c 

Chrysanthemum Japanese. Choice mixed. 

long, fantastic petals 50c 

Finest single annual varieties, mixed 10c 

Clarkia. Pretty bedding plants. Large rose, 
white, red and purple flowers borne in profusion. 

Single mixed, including many colors 5c 

Double mixed, including many colors 5c 

Clianthus. Trailing plants bearing clusters of 

gorgeously colored flowers. 
Clianthus Dampieri (Australian Glory Pea), 

Brilliant scarlet flowers, with black eyes 25c 

Clianthus Puniceus (New Zealand Parrot's Bill). 

Scarlet, spotted with white 25c 

CouECa ScandenS. Rapid climber, large, bell- 
shaped flowers, blue or white 25c 

Coleus. Richly colored foliage plants. Fine 

mixed, including many sorts 25c 

Cosmos. Plants 4 to 10 feet high. Literally 
covered in the Fall with a profusion of single 
rose, purple, flesh and white flowers. Large 

flowering mixed 10c 

Cnphea Rnezlii Superba (Cigar Plant). A pro- 
fusion of cigar-like orange and red flowers. . . 1 5c 
Cyclamen Giganteiim. Mixed. Flowers 2 to 2i 

inches long 50c 

Cypress Vine. Feathery foliage. Little star- 
shaped flowers, borne in small clusters. A deli- 
cate, rapid climber. Finest mixed colors 5c 

Dahlia. These seeds have been saved from a 
magnificent collection, and will no doubt produce 
very fine varieties. Extra choice mixed, double 

from named flowers 25c 

Single mixed. From selected flowers 15c 

Delphinium (Larkspur). Choicest mixed varie- 
ties 10c 

Digitalis (Foxglove). Finest mixed 10c 


Per pkge. 

Dian 1 1ms. Tliese are the brilliant garden "pinks" 

"which have such a delightful perfume. 

Double Dianthus. 

(China Pink). Finest mixed 10c 

Dianthus Mourning 1 Cloak. Flowers blackish 

maroon, bordered with white 10c 

Erythina Crista-Galli (The Brazilian Coral 

Plant) 15c 

Esckseholtzia. The so-called California Poppy, 

the most strikingly brilliant of all our wild 

Eschscholtzia Californica. Sulphur yellow, 
with orange center 5c 

Finest mixed, single, including rose, scarlet, and 

orange 10c 

Finest mixed, double varieties lOe 

Eucalyptus Globulus (Blue Gum Tree). Famous 

for its rapid growth 10c 

Everlasting Flowers. Mixed kinds. Eetaining 

their colors when dried 10c 

Ferns. Hardy varieties, mi xed 20c 

Gaillardia. Large, showy (lowers of scarlet, white 

and yellow. Freely produced. Mixed Single 

varieties 10c 

Gaillardia Lorenziana. Extra large flowers of 

orange, claret, amarynth, sulphur, etc 10 

Golden Rod. A favorite wild flower of the 

East . . . 10c 

Geranium. Single mixed. Named sorts 10c 

Geranium Apple Scented. True 25c 

Geranium lady Washington, (Pelargonium). 

Finest Mixed 50c 

Gloxinia. Plants of great beauty for the conserva- 
tory or green house. 
Gloxinia Large Flowering Mixed, choice 

varieties 50c 

Gourds. Bapid climbers with luxuriant foliage, 

bearing curious ornamental fruit. 
Gourd Sponge or Dish Rag 1 . When ripe the 

inside of this fruit may be takeu out and used for 

scouring 10c 

Gourds. Mixed small varieties 10c 

Gourds. Large mixed varieties. . , 10c 

Gypsophila. Free flowering plants; the flowers 

borne in vast numbers in loose graceful bunches. 

Gypsophila. Pink 10c 

Gypsophila Paniculata. Useful for bouquets 

when dried, white 10c 

G naplialiuiu Leontopodium. This is the famous 

"Edelweiss" of Switzerland 25c 

Per pkge. 

Gnaphalium Orientate Fl. PI. The true French 
immortelle 15c 

Heliptermn Sanfordi. Clusters of rich yellow 
everlasting flowers 10c 

Helichrysum. Flowers white yellow and crim- 
son. "Everlasting;" large flowering. 

Helichrysum. Double mixed 10c 

Hollyhock. One of our grandest summer and 
autumn blooming plants. 

Hollyhock. Extra choice mixed, all colors. . .25c 

Hollyhock. Crimson pyramid; dwarf crimson. 15c 

Heliotrope. Delicious fragrant flowering plants. 
Finest mixed 10c 

Ice Plant. Trailing plant for rockeries or vases, 
leaves and foliage glistening with ice-like 
drops 5c 

Ipomoea. Bapid growing climbers. Large flow- 
ering mixed 10c 

Lavender. Largely plauted for its delightfully 
fragrant stems and flowers 10c 

Lobelia. Beautiful in border and suitable for cool 
moist places. 

Lobelia. Crystal Palace; dark blue 10c 

Lobelia. White Gem, a new variety ... 10c 

Marvel of Peru. The old fashioned "Four 
O'clocks." Finest mixed 10c 

Maurandya. Delicate climber with fragrant flow- 
ers; mixed 10c 

Mesenbryanthemum. Dwarf spreading plants, 
useful for borders and bedding in dry places; 
mixed 10c 

Marigold EI Dorado. An improved strain of 
the "African;" large double frilled flowers. .15c 

Mignonette. This delicious fragrant little plant 
is one of the most popular of the annals. 

Mignonette. Large Flowering. The common 
sweet scented 5c 

Mignonette Giant Pyramidal. Flowers red- 
dish, stout and erect 10c 

Mignonette Machet. Dwarf French variety; red- 
dish flowers 10c 

Mignonette Golden Queen. Golden yellow 
flowers; dwarf grown 10c 

Mimulus (Monkey Flowers.) 

Miniulus Tigrinus. Colors and markings very 
rich. Finest mixed 25c 

Myosotis. The well known "Forget-me-not." 

Blue 10c 

Bose colored 15c 

White 10c 


lVr pkg«. 

>'u-liirtiiitii. One "i the showiest of Bowers 
log luxuriantly in dry, hot places it under 

any adverse drcnmstan 
Nasturtium Tom Tliiimli. Yellow, spotted; 

each 5c 

Nasturtium Tom Thumb. Scarlet, rose; 

each 5c 

Nasturtium Tom Thumb Empress of India. 

Brilliant crimson 10c 

Nasturtium Tom Thumb Gem. Sulphur, 

■potted maroon 10c 

Nasturtium Tom Thumb Ruby Kinsr. Ruby 

red 10c 

Nasturtium Tom Thumb. Pearl, pure white.lOc 

Nasturtium. Tall or climbing; mixed 5c 

Oxalis. Pretty little free flowering plants used 

for borders, baskets, etc; mixed 10c 

PyrethetUU (Golden Feather.) Bright golden 

color, feathery foliage, useful for bedding. . . . 10c 
Petunia. Many of the varieties grown from this 

seed are very beautiful. All of the Petunias 

thrive in dry neglected locations; only theehoic- 
-eeds are offered. 

Single mixed, choicest sorts striped, blotched, 

veined, etc 25c 

Double mixed, very fine 50c 

Phlox Drummondi. One of the brightest and 

most free blooming bedding plants that we have. 

Large dowering, choice mixed 10c 

Phlox Sew Dwarf. About eight inches high; 

mixed 15c 

Phlox Perennial. Splendid large flowering 

plants, all colors mixed 20c 

Portulaea. Brilliant dwarf annuals, do best in 

warm situations. 

Single varieties, best mixed 5c 

Double varieties, mixed ; gorgeous colors 20c 

Poppy. Gorgeous plants, much improved in the 

last few years. 

Single mixed, fine 10c 

Double mixed, all colors, very large 20c 

Primula. The Chinese "Primrose" has for many 

Per pkgc. 

years been a great favorite. The charming Sow- 
are born in clusters. 

Single separate colors 50c 

Single mixed, fine •- .25c 

1 ble mixed varieties 75c 

Salpiglossis. The improved varieties of this 
beautiful annual, are wondrously colored, and 
are worthy of more genera] planting. 
Large flowering mixed 10c 

Salvia Patens. Rich bright blue 25c 

Salvia Splendeus. Fiery scarlet 10c 

Sinilax. The well known climber, used exten- 
sively Cor det i.rative purposes 15c 

Stock (Gilly Flower.) Fragrant, profuse bloomers. 
Large flowered double mixed 15c 

Stock Dwarf Snowflake. Pure white 25c 

Sunflower. Stately plants; immense golden flow- 
ers. Large, single and bright yellow 5c 

Double sorts, very large 10c 

Sweet Peas. These attain great perfection in 
California, and their delicate colors and sweet 
fragrance is a source of much pleasure to those 
who grow them. Ten choice varieties, each. 10c 

Sweet William. Flowers of rich varied colors 
deliriously sweet scented; old garden favorites. 

Single mixed 5c 

Double mixed 15c 

Thunbergia. Slender rapid climbers; large rich 
flowers borne in profusion; mixed sorts 10c 

Verbena. One of the most satisfactory of all flow- 
ering plants in California, producing a profusion 
of flowers nearly the year around. 
Choicest varieties mixed from named sorts.. . 15c 
New mammoth varieties, mixed 25c 

Violet. (Seeds slow to germinate), mixed 15c 

Wallflower. Highly prized for their delightful 
fragrance. The seeds we offer are of the im- 
proved varieties; finest mixed, all colors 15c 

Zinnia. The improved varieties are a great ad- 
vance over the type which was one of the old 
garden stand-bys'. Large flowering dwarf, 
mixed 10c 

Zinnia Double Pompone. Small compact. . .10c 

tOila Lfelo-M/i 



In California, there are a great many beautiful wild flowers which are highly prized in other parts of 
the United States and in Europe. The beauty of our own gardens would be greatly enhanced if we paid 
more attention to this class of flowers. We have at some pains succeeded in making a collection of 
twenty-five varieties, which we are sure will afford great satisfaction to purchasers. 

Each variety per package 15c 

All the 25 varieties $2 50 

We have also beautiful dried wild flowers arranged on cards for Holiday presents from 10c to 51.00. 



Pansies are universal favorites, and always will be. Perhaps their sometimes fancied look of intelli- 
gence has something to do with the esteem in which they are held by older people as well as by chil- 
dren. They reach here their greatest perfection, and the accompanying cut is no exaggeration of what 
may be seen in many California flower gardens. They have been greatly improved of late years, and by 
a little care can be kept in bloom nearly all the year. 

The Pansies love a cool, moist situation. They do best when partially shielded from the noonday sun j 
when exposed to its full force they grow and bloom, but the blossoms are smaller. 
Pansy Premier Mixed. A beautiful French strain; flowers large, and the colors and markings are 

exceedingly beautiful 50c 

" Trimardeau or Giant. For size no strain can equal this, but the flowers lack form and the 

variety of colors is not large though good, each flower having 3 large blotches 25c 

" Odier or Five Blotched. A beautiful strain, perfect in size and form of flower, containing 
many beautiful colors; each of the 5 petals is marked with a large dark blotch; very effective. . 25c 

" English Show. Extra choice mixed, from one of the best collections in England 50c 

" German Finest Mixed, including many colors 25c 

" Good Mixed 15c 


Emperor "William, dark blue. 10c 

King of the Blacks, black 10c 

White Treasure, white 10c 

Snow Queen, satiny white 25c 

Beaconsfleld, violet, shading to white 10c 

Delicata, porcelain blue, white centre 10c 

Bex, deep velvety purple 10c 

Striped 10c 

Yellow 10c 

Gold Margined 10c 

Azure Blue 10c 

Bronze 10c 

Bronze Edged Rose 10c 

Rose Marbled 10c 


Opecidl iiow l^riced (Lolleclidr)s. 

All $1 collections sent free Ivy mail. 
Purchasers arc, however, strongly advised to order all collections sent by express, in whioh case ex- 
tra bulbs or plants will always be added, to cover express charges. 

It must not be iuferred from the low price at which our collections arc offered, that they are made 
np from inferior stock; on the contrary, they arc selected from the best and most distinct varieties. The 
large numbers of plants and bulbs which we dispose of in this way enables us to make these extremely 
liberal offers. 

Two $1 collections will be sent for $1.75 

160 " " " " " 14.00 

" $5.00 " ' $6.00 

$1 Bull) Collections. 2 Jonquils. 

S . i. (j r,, | 1 Ranunculus. 

3 Hyacinths. §2.50 Collections. 

' ' nemones - No. 1. 50 Tulips, choice named varieties. 

™" No. 2. 25 Hyacinths, assorted named varieties. 

- J I- ,lv - No. 3. 9 Lilies, all choice. 

' • ' "' No. 4. 50 Narcissus, fine assortment. 

" No. 5. 14 Amaryllis, pink, very fine. 

3 lakes of the Valley. No 6 _ 12 Hvac inths. 
J>0 - 3 - ^ TuliPS. 2 Pink Amaryllis. 

G Ranunculus. 12 ^ 

6 Snowdrops. 12 Anemones. 

1 Amaryllis. o t. t 

J 2 Narcissus. 
I>o. 4. 2 Pink Amaryllis. 

1 Lily Auratum. $» Collections. 

1 Lily Rubrum. No. 1. 25 Hyacinths, named varieties. 

1 Crown Imperial. 50 Tulips, choice selection. 

1 Tigridia. 25 Snowdrops. 

No. 5. 12 Lilies of the Valley. 6 Narcissus. 

6 Snowdrops. No. 2. 13 Lilies, choice assortment. 

3 Narcissus. No. 3. 6 Amaryllis, pink. 

6 Oxalis. 6 Lilies. 

3 Anemone. 12 Hyacinths. 

No. 6. 6 Tulips. 12 Tulips. 

6 Gladiolis. 12 Crocus. 

6 Snowdrops. No. 4. 25 Narcissus. 

1 Pink Amaryllis. 25 Tulips. 

1 Hyacinthus Candicans. 25 Lilies of the Valley. 
No. 7. 2 Lilies. 6 Hyacinths. 

2 Pink Amaryllis. 6 Snowdrops. 

3 Freesias. 6 Iris. 


S Achyranthus, crimson, violet and yellow or, 2 Azaleas (Chinese), colors white, scarlet, etc. 

leaves. or, S Basket Plants, most approved kinds, 

or, S Alnitilons (Chinese Bell Flower], orange, or, 6 Begonias, scarlet, orange, white, rose, crim- 

criinson, etc. son, etc. 

or, 6 Ampelopsis, in variety (hardy climbers). or, 4 Begonias, tuberous-rooted — scarce, 

or, 10 Ageratums, colors white, dark violet, blue, or, 4 Begonia Rex, ornamental foliage. 

rose, etc. or, 6 Bouvardias, rose, white, blush, etc. 

or, 12 Alternant heras, varieties for edging, etc. or, 6 (annas, assorted varieties, tropical looking. 


$1. PLANT COLLECTIONS.-Continued. 



6 Centaureas, white-leafed, for edging. 

10 Coleus, bedding varieties. 

4 Ca Iridiums (fancy), leaves spotted and mottled. 

6 Calla Ethiopica (white), flowering plants. 

6 Carnations (monthly), crimson, scarlet, var- 
iegated, etc. 

8 Chrysanthemums (large flowering), colors 
crimson, yellow, rose, white, pink, ma- 
roon, orange, etc. 

8 Chrysanthemums (new Japanese), colors 
crimson, yellow, rose, white, pink, ma- 
roon, orange, etc. 

4 Clematis, white, purple, etc. 

6 Dahlias, large flowering, all colors. 

6 " new, single. 

8 Daisies, finest mixed. 

6 " (Paris), white, blue and yellow. 

6 Echeyerias. 

6 Ferns, best fitted for house culture. 

8 Fuchsias, all colors, double and single. 

12 Gladiolus, for summer flowering. 

6 Omniums (single zonale), the finest of our 

6 Geraniums (double zonale), the finest of our 

6 Geraniums (scented zonale), the finest of our 

8 Geraniums (Ivy-leafed), excellent for trellis 
or baskets. 

8 Heliotropes, colors all shades of purple, 
violet, etc. 


or, 4 Hibiscus, (Chinese), scarlet, crimson, orange. 

or, 4 Hydrangeas, white, and the different shades 

of pink, 
or, 4 Jasiniuum (Jessamine), 
or, 4 Lilies, assorted, 
or, 5 Moonflowers, large white flowers, 
or, 8 Mesem hryau themiim, wax pink, 
or, 6 Mosses (Lycopodium), best fitted for house 

or, 2 Palms, large, fancy leaves, used for decorating 
or, 6 Petuniasjfdouble), purple, crimson and white, 
or, 8 Pansies, new German varieties; very fine, 
or, 6 Phlox, hardy; white, crimson, rose, violet, 

or, 6 Passiiloras ("Passion Flower Vine"), 
or 6, Roses, Hybrid Perpetual, white, pink, crim- 
son, etc. 
or, 8 Roses, (Monthly Tea), white, crimson, rose, 

yellow, etc. 
or, 5 Climbing' Roses, white, pink and crimson, 
or, 8 Salvias, scarlet. 

or, 6 Sinilax, the climbing plant used for festooning, 
or, 8 Tradescantias. 

or, 6 Tropseolnms, orange, maroon, scarlet, rose, etc. 
or, 12 Tuberose Pearl, Dwarf, large flowered kind, 
or, 16 Verbenas, very finest kind, 
or, 8, Verbenas, New Mammoth, 
or, 6 Violets (scented), colors white, and dark and 

light blue, 
or, 8 White-leafed Plants. 
or, 15 Varieties, flower seeds. 



This is without question the finest of all tuberoses, producing abundantly, its large, fragrant blossoms 
on low, compact stalks. Our stock of large flowering bulbs is unusually fine and is true to name. 
Each 10c Per doz 75c 



The strains of gladiolus which we oflfer are remakably fine, including as they do the choicest of the im- 
portations from Europe. 

Named varieties, each 25c Per doz $2.50 

Mixed varieties, each 10c " " 1.00 



Our collection of these popular, showy flowers has been made with the greatest care, and includes only 
the best varieties. 

Single sorts, each 20c 

Double sorts, each 25c 


)fer)dapel looses. 

We wish to rail special attention to our stock of Standard Roses. It contains specimens from nearly 
all the leading varieties of roses worked on vigorous, smooth, straight stocks — "Rose Trees." 

In California these grow much more satisfactorily than in any other part of the United States, and be- 
come really small trees (lowering profusely nearly the whole year. When at their best they are certainly 
worthy of the ardent admiration which is universally accorded them. 
Price, extra strong, each $1.00 Xew varieties, each $1.50 

jferrripers jflurrjes. 

California Pampas Plumes have become famous throughout the world for their great size, rich color 
and beautiful, soft texture. Our trade in these has grown to considerable proportions, and we are pre- 
pared to furnish plumes of the finest quality in large or small quantities. 

First size, per doz $1 00 First size, per 100 $7.50 

Second size, per doz 75c Second size, per 100 $6.00 

Kicus Oletsficec. 

This has proved to he one of the most valuable ornamental shade trees ever introduced into Cali- 
fornia. It is entirely hardy in a large portion of the State. It is a very rapid grower, and has immense 
dark green, glossy leaves. Price, each 50c. to $3.00 

^etrrrarjop (s)flicietlis. 

This is the camphor tree of commerce, and has become quite popular in California on account of its 
highly ornamental appearance, and the pleasant, pungent odor of its leaves. The tree has an abundance 
of graceful branches, and bears smooth, evergreen glossy leaves. Good plants, each, 50c. 


Cidrjrjo: J-irjerrjar)!. 

This is entirely distinct from all the other cannas. It has an abundance of rich green banana-like 
foliage, and grows to the height of from 5 to 10 feet. The flowers, 2 or 3 inches in length, are continu- 
ously produced in loose masses on slender flower stalks. Their color is a dark glowing crimson. It is 
one of the very finest decorative plants we have in California. Price 25 to 50c 


Lceiere Ifterrjfs. 

Prices, per 100 or 1000 on application. 


This is very generally used for hedges and screens. It stands clipping into any shape remarkably 


A beautiful shrub producing in season clusters of pretty white flowers. Being a rapid, healthy 
grower it makes a very desirable hedge. 


We can furnish plants of the choicest annuals, astors, pansies, &c, in the proper seasons. Only fine 
healthy plants grown from the best seeds can be supplied. 




fil fllSSf 1QQ T&EIlfUS If IE QlflEII II HI Ullfli ST411S, 


A few months ago we sent a collector to Japan with orders to search 
the land and purchase, regardless of expense, the cream of all the new 
Japanese varieties. His efforts were crowned with success. He brought 
back about 200 superb varieties, out of which collection we now offer 100, 
most of which can not be duplicated even in Japan, as we took care to buy- 
up the whole stock when possible. This is without doubt the best 100 
varieties ever offered in the United States. While they are not named, 
never before having been offered for sale, they have been carefully num- 
bered and described while blooming in our grounds. 

3-inch plants, ready in February, '89, 30 cents each; $3.00 per dozen. 

The entire collection, $15.00 

Persons who desire them should speak quick, as orders will be booked 
and delivered as they are received until the stock for sale has been 

CO =5 



alifornia Florist * 



and Gardener, 


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